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Vol. 2. Núm. 3.Enero 1991
Páginas 161-308
Development of the spinal cord
S. Climent Peris
Neurocirugia 1991;2:161-9
The embryological aspects of spinal dysraphism
G. Findler
Neurocirugia 1991;2:170-4
Spinal dysraphism in children
Maurice Choux
Neurocirugia 1991;2:175
Open spinal dysraphism (meningocele and mmc)
Concezio Di Rocco
Neurocirugia 1991;2:179
Modern imaging techniques in degenerative diseases of the spine. Neurosurgical aspects
R. Fahlbusch, U. Nissen, F. Nüssel, W. Huk
Neurocirugia 1991;2:187
Management of Cervical Disc Herniation
N. de Tribolet
Neurocirugia 1991;2:191-3
Cervical spondylotic myelopathy
R.V. Jeffreys
Neurocirugia 1991;2:194-7
Tumors of the vertebral column
J. Lobo Antunes
Neurocirugia 1991;2:198-201
Primary Extramedullary Tumors of the Spine
H.D. Herrmann
Neurocirugia 1991;2:207-10
Intramedullary spinal cord tumors
W. Koos
Neurocirugia 1991;2:213-8
Spinal arteriovenous malformations
J.M. Izquierdo, F. Sanz, F. Trigueros
Neurocirugia 1991;2:224-6
Modified pediculo facetectomy in ventral compression of the thoracic spinal cord
Emil Pasztor, George Benois
Neurocirugia 1991;2:227-31
Mechanism and pathophysiology of spinal and spinal cord injury
R. Braakman
Neurocirugia 1991;2:232-44
The Inmediate Care of the Spine Injured Patient: At the Site of Trauma
Nachshon Knoller
Neurocirugia 1991;2:245
Spine injuries: Operative Management of the Unstable Spine
F. Loew, F.R.G. Homburg/Saar
Neurocirugia 1991;2:250-1
Urogenital and bowel functions in spinal cord disease
Michael Swach
Neurocirugia 1991;2:252-3
Neurogenic bladder and bowel
Moshe Elyakim Brooks, Ohry Abraham
Neurocirugia 1991;2:254-5
Pathophysiology, assessment and management of spasticity
M. Sindou, P. Mertens
Neurocirugia 1991;2:256-63
Physiology of nociception
F. Cohadon
Neurocirugia 1991;2:264-6
Clinical evaluation of pain
G. Lanner
Neurocirugia 1991;2:267-9
Medical theraphy for pain
Z.H. Rappaport
Neurocirugia 1991;2:270-1
Neurostimulation techniques for the control of pain
Ramiro D. Lobato
Neurocirugia 1991;2:272-4
Spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain
L. Calliauw
Neurocirugia 1991;2:275-6
Surgical treatment of pain. Destructive procedures
Yücel Kanpolat
Neurocirugia 1991;2:277-82
Brachial Plexus Injuries
Algimantas O. Narakas
Neurocirugia 1991;2:283
Growth factors and nerve regeneration
Michal Schwartz
Neurocirugia 1991;2:284-6
Peripheral nerve lesions
M. Samii
Neurocirugia 1991;2:293-4
Entrapment syndromes
Jens Haase
Neurocirugia 1991;2:295-8
Peripheral nerves compressions
Santos Palazzi, José Luis Palazzi
Neurocirugia 1991;2:301-4
Peripheral nerve tumours
M. Bodosi
Neurocirugia 1991;2:305-8

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